Starbucks Spells Like Baristas In A Hurry

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07.06.11 5 Comments

Starbucks Spelling, “A collection of misspelled names from the inventors of the Frappuccino,” has been around just over a month and has quickly become single-serving popular with Latte-loving yuppies like myself (also Time Magazine likes it!). It’s funny and relatable because I also order coffee from Starbucks. I just answer to Max at my local store now.
As much as I enjoy baristas taking a dump on your birth name my fear is that the popularity of the blog will enable the fun sponges out there to start taking Starbucks spelling too seriously. If you’re name is Craig people are going to think you said “Greg.” Deal with it. And if your parents got creative or your name is Marisa you’re f’d. Let’s all be on the same page here. Because all the humor is sucked dry when people take themselves seriously. I swear Craig will take a copy of “Onwards” to the jugular if he starts correcting people. It’s a skinny vanilla latte, Greg, not your college diploma.
That being said a quarter or so of the examples on Starbucks Spelling are serious good times, usually due to how little baristas give a crap what your name is or how the names were seemingly written by the offensive Asian voice I do when I take photos. The following are specifically significant contributions to society. “Hobart comin’!”

Source: Starbucks Spelling
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