Awesome Dude Builds CAT-AT For Friend's Lucky Cats

04.27.12 5 years ago

“Ball so hard the Alliance wanna fine me.”

Redditor BillyAppletini has a friend who is a Star Wars fan with two cats, so Billy spent 30 days and a bunch of money building an AT-AT cat condo because he’s the best friend ever ever. It was originally conceived as a prank: he planned to set up the AT-AT while his friend was at work and forge an Amazon receipt to give the appearance the cats ordered it themselves. By the time he finished this Cat All-Terrain Armored-Transport (CAT-AT) thirty days later, it was no longer a prank, but a mission.
Not only does the cat condo resemble an AT-AT and have a nicely carpeted exterior, but what’s inside really makes it special. Billy outfitted the interior with a lighted mini-bar (complete with tiny liquor bottles), a tiny dart board and painting for the wall, a framed portrait of one of the cats (Sophie, pictured above) shooting a Nerf gun, a little disco ball, and trophy bird heads mounted on the wall.
Check out more pictures below if you want to see why Dogfort just felt a disturbance in the force.

More pictures of the building process available at imgur. Hat tip to Craft (via MAKE).

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