Stupid Trademark Fight of the Week: Atlanta Braves v. Pixar

12.19.11 6 years ago

One’s a baseball team with a kind-of racist name! The other is a computer-animated movie set in Ireland! Together they fight crime!

No, actually, they get into stupid protracted legal battles.

Yes, the Atlanta Braves have entered a trademark objection to the name of Pixar’s next massive hit because, uh, apparently they’re really worried that people with a severe head injury will somehow think the baseball team and the movie are related in the tiny area of the Southeast that anybody actually cares about the Atlanta Braves.

Oh, it gets worse: the Atlanta Braves don’t actually have any trademark on the word “Brave”, but, you see, occasionally somebody will refer to a player as a “Brave”, so obviously there’s some confusion there. If you’re five years old.

We’re looking forward to the resolution of this, probably consisting of a judge asking both sides why they’re wasting his time.

[ via Stitch Kingdom ]

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