The 5 Best TV Mashup Tumblrs Of 2011

By 12.22.11

If there’s one thing that bugs me about single-serving Tumblrs it’s that after you write about them once it’s like you can never mention them again. “Single-serving” — much like its cousin “one size fits all” — is a bit too definitive a term for my tastes. Not only do I occasionally like checking back in on single-serving Tumblrs, I also like remind people in case they missed them the first time around. I guess you could say — and feel free to tell your friends — I’m the kind of guy who has never been comfortable living within the boundaries.

Something else you could say is I enjoy running back my favorite stuff we’ve covered throughout the year three days prior to Christmas. You know, for closure. If you’ve been checking in often here like your life coach recommends you’re aware TV mashup Tumblrs have been all the rage in 2011, and that they work best when they commingle stills from fan favorite TV dramas with quotes from fan favorite TV comedies. As a matter of fact, the most popular ones don’t stray far from each other. All five on this list are just assorted combinations of a handful of shows. It’s a lot like the dating combinations of the cool kids in high school.

If any Tumblr-ers (?) out there feel like there’s actually some form of validation for making this list I’m great with turning it into an annual thing. My challenge for 2012 though is to ramp up the competition. Higher quality screengrabs. No sh*t fonts. Focus on cohesion between the image and quote. Work Community, Always Sunny, Happy Endings, Archer, The Wire, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, and maybe some ironic ABC Family dramas in. Oh wow. The power is already getting to me. I like it.

#5: Storm Of Swansons

Game of Thrones stills meet Parks and Recreation quotes. Our coverage here.

#4: Mad Development

Mad Men stills meet Arrested Development quotes. Our coverage here.

#3: Breaking Development

Breaking Bad stills meet Arrested Development quotes. Our coverage here.

#1: Arrested Westeros

Game of Thrones stills meet Arrested Development quotes. Our coverage here.

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