The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week: Archie #635

07.26.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Yes, I am recommending an Archie book this week.

I picked this up because I wanted to support the artist. Giselle Lagace does several cute webcomics, including Menage a 3, the webcomic for adults Dan DeCarlo would draw if he were still alive and which I can’t link here because it pretty much features either boobs or some form of sex (gay or straight) every third strip.

And Lagace actually does a great job on the art: it’s distinctly her work but it’s also well in line with Archie’s house style.

What really pops out, though, is the line Alex Segura, the writer, had to walk and the fact that Archie, of all books, decided to tackle this issue. There was a lot to screw up here and at the same time a lot of potential. After all, this is a town with the offensively rich Mr. Lodge and this is a company where there are quite a few restrictions.

What makes the book work is that it acknowledges the comic’s apolitical nature while cogently addressing both sides of the debate. What Segura has done here is essentially write a book that explains the Occupy movement and the current political debate to kids in a way that won’t offend parents, provided they’re reasonable people, and doesn’t pick a side.

It’s a heck of a trick, and they deserve praise for it.

My other favorites this week:

New Deadwardians #5: The murder plot thickens. What makes this comic great, though, is that as we follow the characters they’re subtly filled out with details. Dan Abnett is doing a tremendous job with this book.

Prophet #27: I love what this book is building to. If you haven’t been reading, start at issue #21: it’s worth it.

Grim Leaper #3: This book hits new heights in mixing the disgusting and adorable. Seriously, this book makes Crossed look like My Little Pony. Read it with your sweetie and bring a barf bag.

Debris #1: Conan meets Magnus: Robot Fighter.

That’s enough out of me. Let’s talk some comics: What are your favorites this week?

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