The Greatest, Most Expensive Collection Of ‘Money Faces’ That You Will Ever See

10.24.11 6 years ago

People generally have a zillion different ways that they pass the time when boredom rears its ugly head, and that’s usually when we get the best creative juices flowing. Take for instance the latest fad to hit the interwebs, planking horsemaning batmanning going outside money-facing. People have taken something as simple as folding a dollar bill or a Euro or whatever they use up in Canada – moose fur? – and turned it into a fun, interactive art form — the money face.
Here’s how you make your own money faces – take a dollar bill, fold it at some point around the middle of George Washington’s head, find your target, line up Washington’s folded head with your target’s head, and snap a quick picture. Then, if you’re like me, you take that dollar bill into a place called The Jiggle Room and you quickly lose it and a few hundred more. But that last part is all up to you.
Enjoy the Internet’s best money face efforts, and then get out there and make your own, you crazy kids.

(Images via the creative geniuses of Reddit, Imgur, Buzzfeed, and Flickr.)

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