This Picture Of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson From The 1990s Will Give You A Rock-Hard Nostalgia Boner

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07.16.14 23 Comments

Let us count off all the reasons why we love this picture of the Rock from the 1990s:


2. The jeans that fall somewhere between “mom” and “cool farmer.”

3. His d*ck pack.

4. The fact that his hand is holding his d*ck pack.

5. The hair modeled after an extra in a Spike Lee movie.

6. The JCPenney’s belt.

7. The single gold earring.

8. “I always smell what I’m cooking and not what I burned. Thanks to my brand-new watch, I’m able to keep track of how long the roast is in the oven.” — the Rock, spokesperson.

Take it away.

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