The Sonic Screwdriver: A Male Contraceptive?

01.31.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Well, we won’t see the Doctor blasting himself in the crotch to prevent pregnancy before nailing a Companion any time soon. Because he’s a Time Lord, and also a gentleman. But we might be zapping our nards with ultrasonic radiation soon to prevent having babies.

We’d like to say it’s complex, but it’s not: they zapped rats in the jubblies, and it reduced their sperm counts. The questions, though, are many: is it reversible? If it is, how long do the sperm take to come back? If they do come back, do they come back healthy? Is the technology small enough to use in hilarious pranks?

And, of course, will men actually use the sonic ballblaster? A bigger problem in male contraceptives than advancing the technology is the fact that women don’t trust men to use it for a second. And even though it’s designed to help curb overpopulation, we have to admit it is hard to see men using this thing voluntarily. Unless it provides a pleasant sensation during use. Then humanity will probably end.

image courtesy BBC

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