There’s a New Portable Version of Skyim! Just One Catch — It’s on a Calculator

01.19.12 6 years ago

So, you’re interested in playing that new Skyrim game all the kids are talking about, but you don’t have an Xbox or PS3 and your computer can barely deal with Minesweeper without bursting into flames. Or maybe you just want to play Skyrim on the go. What do you do? Are you out of luck?

Nope, because some guy has gone and ported Skyrim…to his calculator. Check out a video after the jump…


Sure, the graphics aren’t great, but you can kill things, buy things and take quests — it’s pretty much got the Skyrim experience covered. Still not as impressive as the time I wrote 58008 on my calculator, then turned it upside down and it — well, I won’t ruin it. It’s really something you should experience for yourself.

via Megamers

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