These Links Are Not Killing The Internet

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I’m getting mixed messages here.

More on Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum, who is now a celebrity in Germany [UproxxNews]

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Holy. Crap. David Carradine’s last movie looks incredible. [Filmdrunk]

6 Kids Who Are Just Lucky Their Dads Are Famous [Uproxx]

“I just don’t like Slater” [WarmingGlow]

This is gonna melt your hearts [WithLeather]

The Jets/Pats Trash Talking War Escalates [KSK]

Northwestern University Can Die Now [TSS]

Waka Flocka’s new Pink Panther chain is surely a great investment [RealTalkNY]

4 Star Wars Themes, 2 Pianos [Buzzfeed]

How not to clean snow off your roof [TSJ]

Neil Gaiman Records Guest Spot on ‘The Simpsons’ [TVSquad]

“Neighbors are usually there to help their neighbors, not shoot their zebras” [Fark]

Jeff Thomas and Celeste Green almost made an animated “Batman in highschool” series. [Geektress]

VIDEO BELOW: BMX Race gets off to a perfect start [via Break]

[Banner picture via TDW, inset picture from Rosscott and Loldwell via Buzzfeed]

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