This Is What Happens When A Grown Man Tries To Fit In A Baby’s High Chair

08.18.14 3 years ago

This Manchester resident found out the hard way that high chairs are not one size fits all, at least not when it comes to grown-ass men. A YouTube user uploaded a video of his friend, Darren, trying to wiggle his way out of a sticky situation and it’s pretty hilarious. The poor guy tries everything he can think of, from having his mates drag him across the floor to taking his pants off in order to get out of the baby seat but by the end of the clip, it’s still unclear whether he was able to make his grand escape.

Now in defense of the poor lad, we don’t know the reason behind his embarrassing predicament. Maybe there were no more adult chairs available in the restaurant. Maybe this was all in protest of the uncomfortable seating situations babies are forced to endure when eating out. More than likely, he was extremely sloshed and peer pressured into the whole thing. But in any case, this should serve as a lesson to everyone: alcohol may make you act like a baby, but that doesn’t mean you actually are a baby.

Via Gawker

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