Tintin Meets Monsters In Murray Groat's Complete Hergé/Lovecraft Mashup Set

08.04.11 6 years ago

If only Tintin was going against Cthulhu in the upcoming movie! Oh well, we’ll just have to be satisfied by boring old treasure hunts and prison escapees.
Murray Groat’s Hergé/Lovecraft mashups are just superb, I wish there were a hundred of them to look at. Unfortunately, due to the Tintin copyright, the posters aren’t available for sale.
Two side notes:
If the idea of the curious young detective navigating a bizarre and possibly malevolent alien landscape captures your imagination, I suggest you check out Charles Burns’ newest book “X’ed Out”. Burns’ tribute to Tintin is deliciously weird in all the right ways.
If you’re an e-reader fan, you can download the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft for the Kindle, Nook or in PDF form here.

Tintin in Innsmouth by Murray Groat AKA Muzski

Tintin in R’Lyeh by Murray Groat AKA Muzski
Tintin and the Reanimator by Murray Groat AKA Muzski
At the Mountains of Madness by Murray Groat AKA Muzski
From Beyond by Murray Groat AKA Muzski
The Shadow Out of Time by Murray Groat AKA Muzski
The Dunwich Horror by Murray Groat AKA Muzski
The Whisperer in Darkness by Murray Groat AKA Muzski

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