“Total Recall” Remake Not Very, Uh, “Total Recall”-esque

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01.25.12 3 Comments

If you’re remaking “Total Recall”, or adapting Philip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”, you expect certain things. Johnny Cab. Plumber snakes rammed up the star’s nose. Triple-breasted hookers. At the very least,Mars.

Hope you weren’t expecting those from the remake with Colin Farrell, directed by Len Wiseman, because they ain’t there!

It’s not that we think that this movie will be bad, although having the director of “Underworld” on the thing doesn’t fill us with hope. It’s just more along the lines of the director announcing that “Hey, remember this really fun, over-the-top movie? We toned that down for you. Like way down. And turned it into a futuristic spy movie. Kinda. There’s also some mindscrewy stuff in there.” kind of makes us wonder if they even know what tone they’re going for.

You can check out Bloody Disgusting’s interview with Len Wiseman right here, and we’ll all know for sure about this one come August 3rd.

image courtesy Lionsgate Films

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