Val Kilmer Has A Love/Hate Relationship With Glasses

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05.02.12 4 Comments

I can’t pinpoint exactly when the internet began its Cage-lite fascination with Val Kilmer, but it was definitely somewhere between Fat Val Kilmer reminding us he was Batman and riding a BMX like a boss. The latest Kilmer-as-budding-internet-legend development is this inspired supercut by YouTuber honsco of Val removing his eyeglasses over and over again in film and television roles.

Prior to viewing it I would have said Val Kilmer’s signature acting move is that stare down thing he does that makes you wonder whether he’s slightly crosseyed or not, but this clip makes quite the argument for losing his glasses. I’m now convinced Doc Holliday was one pair of Ray-Bans from a Val Kilmer Oscar nod.

Via Videogum

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