Watch This Dog Muster Some Courage To Go Down The Stairs Past The Family Cat

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07.08.14 9 Comments
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I’ve seen a countless number of these videos and I’m sure you fine readers are no stranger to them. This one has it all though: drama, comedy, and a great ending. I just don’t know how a dog this size be so frightened of a cat, even if Chevy the cat is lying in wait to be an asshole.

Bo The Dog knows, it’s just like dealing with a bully at school. They might not seem to care about you, but you know in the back of your mind they’re planning to get you with a titty twister at a moment’s notice. Luckily his good friend Fenway is there to show him how it’s done and take out the bully for him.

(Via Kristie Pelletier)

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