Where’s “Grand Theft Auto V” Going to Play Out?

Senior Contributor

The wonderfully scenic Los Santos!

At least, that’s the latest word from the industry about “Grand Theft Auto V”, a game which we weren’t even sure was on the horizon until the trailer’s release date was announced earlier in the week. To give you an idea of how rabid people are for even a scrap of information, Reddit turned up where the Roman numeral in the title came from. And even this isn’t confirmed: it’s a rumor delivered to Kotaku.

More interesting is the rumor that there will be multiple player characters. Personally I’m wondering if this will mean there will essentially be three different games in the box: the two DLC downloads really added something to the game and really made great use of the beautiful Liberty City. Maybe a character for those of us who don’t want to play a “depressed dude hanging out in his apartment” sim?

[ via the career criminals at Kotaku ]

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