Why Not Links? (Plus Awesome Signs And A Train Disaster Cat)

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Frotcast 73: Pauly tweets his way to the top, Michael Fassbender’s penis, Thomas Kinkade |Film Drunk|

The Offerman Wood Shop Will Be Every Ron Swanson Fan’s Favorite Woodshop |UPROXX|

Pimped Out Product Placement: The Most Ridiculous Donk Cars To Hit The Road |UPROXX|

2 NBA Young Guns To Watch (If There’s A Season) |Smoking Section|

‘Baby Arthur Recreates Movie Scenes’ Is A Lesson In Making People Want To Look At Pictures Of Your Kid |UPROXX|

Penn State Fans Rioted Over Joe Paterno |With Leather|

Vodka-Soaked Tampons Are A Thing Now |Warming Glow|

Gimme A Thumbs Up ‘Er Somethin Hot Rod |With Leather|

So That’s Pretty Much It for Rick Perry |Warming Glow|

Songs best heard EXTRA-LOUD |FARK|

62 Photos Of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show |Buzzfeed|

Ryan Gosling Has A Machine Gun On The Set Of ‘Lawless’ |Film Drunk|

One Last Run: Listen To Hot 97′s Heavy D Tribute |Smoking Section|

Ranking Adam Sandler’s 23 Films From Worst to First |Pajiba|

Watch a Kung Fu Master Pierce a Coconut With His Finger |The FW|

Adult Swim Interview: Das Racist’s Dapwell Wants to Live in Chinatown |Adult Swim|

Memorable Moments in Television: Emile Hirsch Gets Egged on 3rd Rock from the Sun |Unreality|

VIDEOS AND GIF BELOW: This cat knows how we feel today:

full-length video, minus the sound effects:

[Pictures via Sofapizza, LATFG, and Mike Mitchell.]

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