Yet Another Superhero Movie Added to Summer 2013 — “The Wolverine” is Back on Track

02.08.12 6 years ago

Okay everybody, you can stop worrying — there’s going to be another Wolverine movie.

The fate of “The Wolverine” has been uncertain for a while. Hugh Jackman had too many other things going on, and the gym bag funk of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was still hanging around the franchise. Well, apparently things are back on track because The Wolverine is slated to come out July 26, 2013.

This next Wolverine movie will take place in Japan, which seems promising. Wolverine can have some sort of attractive Asian sidekick, cut through some samurai swords with his claws, make funny faces will eating an octopus or something — yeah, it could work. As long as Wolverine doesn’t spend an hour of the movie sitting around in some old guy’s barn it’ll be better than Origins.

via Blastr

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