YOLO! Dumbest Man Ever Attempts To Drink An Entire Gallon Of Tabasco Sauce

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03.22.14 24 Comments

LA-BEAST tabasco

YouTube/L.A. Beast

A competitive eater who goes by L.A. Beast filmed himself attempting to drink an entire gallon of Habanero Tabasco sauce. What transpires pretty much demonstrates why you should never try to drink a gallon of Tabasco sauce.

It seems like a more efficient way to self harm would be to stick a couple of burning hot pokers down your throat and up your ass, but Mr. Beast decided to take the scenic route. Dudebro looks like he’s in serious pain the entire time, and at one point actually says, “I don’t know if I wanna throw up or if I wanna puke.”

While I won’t tell you which of the latter ended up happening, I will spoil that apparently this entire stunt was performed as a tie-in to plug a “Hot or Not” app — so I hope that check for a couple of hundred dollars was worth probably sustaining moderate to serious internal injuries. ‘Murica!

(Via L.A. Beast)

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