Now You Can Buy Condoms For Oklahoma Tornado Relief Because Why Not?

06.03.13 4 years ago

The Oklahoma Tornadoes have basically been the worst thing ever. The videos are scary as hell and the devastation is incredible. So if you want to help, just buy some condoms to and say “eff you, Tornadoes” while making a bad decision with your best friend’s girlfriend.

The good folks at Say It With A Condom, who specialize in designer condoms because that’s a thing, have come up with this special Oklahoma condom that will let you feel good about your contribution to society while doing illegal things behind a Taco Bell.

I’m not sure if the wrapper is designed or the actual condom, but you can find out for yourselves for $3.99 with 100 percent of money earned going to the Red Cross. Because America. And America alone.

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