YouTube Allows 10 Hour Long Videos. The Internet Says, ‘Challenge Accepted’

Entertainment Editor
07.12.11 2 Comments

Were you glad when YouTube upped the limited lengths on videos so you could watch half of an awful old B-movie instead of having to search for the missing part 6?  Were you aware they recently upped the limit to 10 hours?  That’s right, you could be watching the same awful old B-movie six times in a row without ever leaving the page or even clicking play more than once.  It’s so convenient.  I can think of so many situations in which I could use a ten hour long video, like . . . uh . . . and also . . . um.  Yeah, I have no idea.  Maybe people are going to start putting audio blocks of podcast and radio archives on YouTube; that would be cool.

I spoke too soon.  People did find a use for 10 hour long YouTube videos, and, since this is the internet we’re talking about, that use was to loop all the earworms we’ve loved and/or hated over the years to make absurdly long versions of them.  We put together a slideshow of examples and commend anybody with the patience to create and upload one of these just so we can have a cheap laugh before closing the video after 20 seconds. Is anyone ever going to watch one of these all the way through?  Of course not.  Well, except for the Justin Bieber one. That never gets old.

Special thanks to TehN1ppe and BlameItOnTheVoices for the assist.








































































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