Bill Nye Visits The Kentucky Replica Of Noah’s Ark For An Unscheduled Debate

Call him Bill Nye: The Defiance Guy. America’s favorite bow-tied scientist (don’t tell Sarah Palin) made an appearance at Kentucky’s recently opened Noah’s Ark replica and engaged in an unscheduled debate with Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham.

Nye has not been shy in his criticism of the Williamstown attraction which claims to be an exact replica of the biblical ark made to the dimensions given in the Bible. In fact, Nye’s 2014 debate with Ham ended up sparking supporters of Ham’s viewpoint to help push the project into being after their showdown. This week saw an unscheduled sequel to that debate, one that Ham was happy to relay on Facebook.

According to Ham, Nye appeared with a camera crew in tow filming the encounter for an upcoming science documentary. This back-n-forth went on for close to two hours and presumably neither party was completely swayed by the other’s viewpoint on evolution vs. creationism. (How nice would that be to get wrapped up in the time it takes to watch a movie?) It also sounds like you won’t see Nye and Ham goofin’ it up at a Dave & Buster’s anytime soon.

“I did ask him if we could be friends, but he said we could be acquaintances with mutual respect, but not friends,” shared Ham on how chummy Nye was willing to get post-debate.

There goes our dreams of a zany road trip comedy where Nye and Ham travel across the country to find two of every babe. Thanks a lot, differing viewpoints.

(via KXAN)