Donald Rumsfeld Laments Death And Taxes, And The Internet Pounces On Him

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Ah, Tax Day. There’s nothing nice to say about this momentous occasion, which is akin to a visit to the dentist. Or a refreshing swim through shark-infested waters. Bill Maher marked the event by throwing a righteous “celebration” that ended as a complaint-fest about those who don’t pay taxes. He was talking about the church exemption, but there are plenty of other reasons to dislike the tax code. Other than the painful process of paying taxes, the constantly changing rules and regulations feel like a punishment to wade through. Fortunately, the process is over for most people by now, and we can look forward to doing it all again until death us do part.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld must have recently opened up his wallet to Uncle Sam, and it looks like he spent the weekend grousing over the process. On Monday morning, Rumsfeld lamented how his 83-year-old body would probably not live to see a flat-tax rate.

Well, Rumsfeld’s replies blew up. At first, people were fairly cordial and offered up halfhearted replies to a former public servant.

Then, folks called upon Rumsfeld to stop complaining and appreciate what he’s had in life. After all, he got to start his own war. How rare is that?

This guy knows how Rumsfeld feels. At age 18, he’s losing all hope of starting his own global altercation.

Well, things got uglier. When Twitter gets angry, there’s no stopping the tide.

In retrospect, perhaps Rumsfeld was only making a weak statement about the complicated tax code? If that’s the case, he could be a fan of Donald Trump’s proposed “fantasy code.” There are some flat components woven into that mess, and Trump eliminates the death tax. Regardless of Rumsfeld’s true intentions, he may not want to further rumble with the internet anytime soon.

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