Bill Maher Celebrates The Tax Deadline By Asking Why We Aren’t Forcing Churches To Pay Taxes Yet

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04.17.16 12 Comments

With tax season coming to an end and most folks frantically searching for a way to pay Uncle Sam what they owe, Bill Maher took a moment to highlight the groups who don’t pay any taxes. Plenty of corporations get away with paying nothing to the government every year, but one group has consistently done it year after year: churches. Not just one type of church or a specific religion, all of them. Scientology, Christianity, Islam, and Judaisim all get put in the crosshairs on this week’s Real Time. It’s not a shock since religion has always been one of Maher’s favorite targets.

Scientology likely gets the worst of it since they’ve always skirted the line for being a church and famously fought for their tax status — highlighted in Going Clear.

Elsewhere on the show, Maher took a moment to talk a bit about Confirmation before it aired on HBO Saturday. This led to one of the testiest moments of the entire episode when one of the guests flat out said that Anita Hill was a liar. All this time after the events happened and people are still conflicted on who was telling the truth during the Clarence Thomas hearings. The movie itself might’ve been a non-issue, but it would seem that the topic is still pretty fresh for some folks. Then again, slapping drama and fiction onto any historical event is going to ruffle a few feathers.

For the overtime segment, there was some talk on sleeping pill abuse, a lot about the media coverage of this election, and more on Bill Maher smoking pot. If there’s one thing certain about this week’s Real Time, it’s that Maher hit all of his favorite talking points.

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