Donald Trump Is Unfortunately Still Leading The Latest Presidential Poll

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally And Picnic In Iowa
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It seems like xenophobic invective works when it comes to running for the Republican nomination for president. That’s because Donald Trump is ahead in the latest CNN Poll of Republican voters, which came out on Sunday.

At least, that’s the story according to Time, which reported that the business mogul is “leading with 18% support among Republicans”:

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush was second at 15%; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker rounded out the top three at 10%. Trump’s ratings in the poll have surged 6 points in the last month, while his rivals have remained relatively steady.

And while the poll is by no means a reflection of who will take the Republican Party nomination in 2016, it suggests Republicans are excited by a Trump candidacy. Fifty-two percent of Republicans want to see Trump continue his run and 42% of Republicans currently backing another candidate want Trump to remain in the field.

On the one hand, at least Bush isn’t far behind. On the other hand, how dire do things have to be if one is wishing for Bush to come out on top?

Another upside is that Trump does seem to be forcing other prominent Republican politicians to speak out in a sensible manner. Like Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s rivals in the presidential race who had to get a new phone after the latter gave out the former’s phone number during a campaign speech.

Graham told ABC that the Republican party shouldn’t buy into Trump’s popularity with voters, when businesses left and right are dropping him for his “outrageous” comments. In his own words:

“I’m not taking on voters, I am taking on an idea that I think he’s appealing to the dark side of American politics,” he added. “He is not offering solutions to hard, complicated problems. He is basically selling fear and prejudice.”

Here’s hoping that the American people heed Graham’s words as Trump’s campaign continues.

(Via Time and ABC News)