Gene Simmons Is Accused Of Sexual Battery After ‘Unwanted Sexual Advances’ During An Interview Last Month

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“Men are jackasses. From the time we’re young we have testosterone. I’m not validating it or defending it.” That’s what Gene Simmons said last month when he was asked about the #MeToo movement, which has arisen from the fall of powerful men such as Harvey Weinstein being outed for alleged sexual assault dating back decades.

Later that day, Simmons would be banned from Fox News for life after he burst into a meeting, tore open his shirt and reportedly asked people to sue him as he told pedophilia jokes. Now, a prominent on-air personality for a California rock station, who wishes to remain anonymous, is accusing Simmons of sexual battery after the Kiss singer and bassist made “unwanted and unwarranted sexual advances” towards her. Specifically, Simmons “forcefully placed [her hand] on his knee and held it on his knee.” After which he allegedly “flicked her throat” as well as “reached toward [plaintiff’s] buttocks and touched it” during a photo shoot.

In a statement sent to Ultimate Classic Rock, Simmons responded to the charges by saying he would fight all accusations brought against him:

“I intend to defend myself against any alleged charges you may have been reading about in the media. For the record, I did not assault the person making these accusations in the manner alleged in the complaint or harm her in any way. I am conferring with my lawyers with the aim of vigorously countering these allegations. And, I look forward to my day in court where the evidence will prove my innocence.”

Last month Mary McGlynn made accusations against Simmons that are painting a picture of repeated offenses. As soon as she did, other women who have had alleged run-ins with Simmons backed her up.

(Via Consequence of Sound/UltimateRock)