Fox Releases A Set Of Handwritten Notes From Gretchen Carlson Showing Her Happiness At The Network

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The ensuing battle between former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson and Roger Ailes continues to provide more fodder for the press corps. After Carlson filed a sexual harassment case against Ailes earlier this week, her boss fought back denying the claims and insinuated she only did so because she was frustrated with her contract situation.

The she said, he said mystery continues to unravel as Fox released a series of letters Friday Carlson personally wrote claiming she was happy to work for the broadcast network. Several of the notes look to be thank you correspondents and Carlson congratulating Ailes on the networks’ coverage of the GOP presidential debates.

Carlson filed her lawsuit against Ailes Wednesday, alleging he sent her a sexually perverse note on Sept. 16. A few days later though she replied that she was happy at the network. “I’ve been a loyal employee whose worked really hard at Fox for more than 10 years. I’d love to stay at Fox & show you everything I can do,” read the note.

Grammar and word choice aside, the letters seem to show she was a devoted employee to the network. Ailes contends that Carlson filed suit only because she was upset with her contract situation and other Fox News employees have come to his defense. And Law Newsz obtained a memo from Ailes reading he wanted to give Carlson more screen time thanks to her boost in ratings for her own show.

Deadline reported Friday Ailes and his attorney’s are looking to send the case to arbitration, as they said Carlson had an arbitration clause in her contract if something like this occurred. Carlson’s attorney’s Nancy Erika Smith and Martin Hyman contend he did not sign this contract provision and Ailes is trying to avoid a public trial.

“Roger Ailes is trying to force this case into a secret arbitration proceeding. Gretchen never agreed to arbitrate anything with Mr. Ailes and the contract on which he relies does not mention him and is not signed by him. Gretchen intends to fight for her right to a public jury trial, a right protected by the discrimination laws and our Constitution. It is disturbing that the head of a large media company would try to silence the press and hide from the public a matter of such importance.”

Accusations by both parties are serious and this has become a prickly situation. The notes released by Fox News could hurt Carlson’s case, which seem to be the network’s intention. Carlson has standed by her accusations and feels she was unrightfully jousted from her job. It remains to be seen who is in the right.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter & Deadline)