Florence Begins To Lash The East Coast In Intense Footage Ahead Of The Hurricane’s Landfall

Getty Image

While Hurricane Florence has been poised to become the strongest storm to hit the eastern United States in decades, what was once a Category 4 hurricane has been downgraded to a Category 2. Even so, the “extremely dangerous” storm’s approach has caused local, state and federal officials to announce evacuations along the east coast, especially in North Carolina. As of Thursday afternoon, the storm center is still just over 100 miles from Wilmington, N.C., and the eye is projected to make landfall early Friday.

Those still on the ground in the area are sharing some pretty wild photos and videos on social media, like this drone footage of N.C.’s Topsail Beach:

Or this shot of an American flag, most likely not long for this world, as it flaps violently in the winds along Cape Fear:

One of the more alarming posts, however, includes a new graphic from The Weather Channel that imagines what the storm surge, now projected to reach up to 13 feet in some places, will look like. It’s basically the new CNN hologram, and it’s wild:

Others, like reporters and residents who are situated along the east coast to either cover or ride out the storm, are now posting the beginnings of these very storm surges:


Be safe out there!