Meghan McCain Slams Trump Over The ‘Insanity’ Of Giving A Reporter Unfettered, Months-Long White House Access

The forthcoming tell-all by Michael Wolff about the campaign and first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is dominating the headlines this week, and was likewise the hot topic of conversation on Thursday’s episode of The View. Introducing the segment, Whoopi Goldberg brought up the cease and desist issued to Steve Bannon from Trump’s lawyers for disparaging remarks he allegedly made to Wolff while being interviewed for the book.

“There’s a cease and desist, because probably a lot of it is true,” shot Joy Behar. “And some of the pundits said, even if it’s not 100 percent true, the spirit of it is true, and everything in that book we have been saying for a full year.”

Guest host Greta Van Susteren then interjected with a point that seems to be lost in the shuffle. “Who in his right mind let a writer into the White House to sit there and listen, or a journalist, that was insane,” she commented. Staple conservative co-host Meghan McCain overwhelmingly agreed with Van Susteren.

“Giving [Michael Wolff] the kind of access, when he is shadowing the president, talking to the top staffers for 18 months, is not only unprecedented, but it is suicide and insanity,” McCain slammed. “The only thing I can come up with right now, is that Steve Bannon is trying to take Trump out from the inside.”

She continued, “If I was teaching a political science class to a bunch of students saying, okay, grade one, let me tell you this, access is the number one currency you have to play — keep it as close to you as possible, do not let journalists surround you in this kind of faction, I don’t understand it, it is beyond my comprehension.”

McCain makes an excellent point, but it seems like you wouldn’t need to be teaching a political science class to understand basic common sense.