Putin Nuked Florida In A Demonstration Video To Boast About Russia’s New ‘Invincible’ Weapons

Vladimir Putin may have officially ushered in a Cold-War mentality with rhetoric that many would attribute (these days) to the likes of Kim Jong-un. While speaking in his annual address to the country’s Federal Assembly on Thursday, NBC reports that Putin scoffed at any nation that “introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country’s development.” However, Putin was not subtle in revealing which nation he was talking about. As this Russia Today video replay shows, Putin played a concept video that portrayed a nuke falling on Florida.

The Florida strike location was no coincidence, for Gizmodo points out how the satellite imagery within the video shows the precise location of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. As the BBC reports, Putin declared this nuclear-tipped long-range missile to be “invincible” and capable of striking anywhere:

“A low-flying, difficult-to-spot cruise missile with a nuclear payload with a practically unlimited range and an unpredictable flight path, which can bypass lines of interception and is invincible in the face of all existing and future systems of both missile defence and air defence.”

Any bloodlust specifically aimed by Putin toward Trump seems out of the blue, for Trump recently declined to impose those sanctions introduced by Congress over election interference. Yet Putin continued while declaring, “You have failed to contain Russia” with sanctions. He lashed out at the West while threatening, “Nobody listened to us. Well listen to us now.”

Putin maintained that while he’s got no plans to wage a preemptive nuclear strike, he’s putting his foot down to protect his country and its allies:

“Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies … any kind of attack … will be regarded as a nuclear attack against Russia and in response we will take action instantaneously no matter what the consequences are. Nobody should have any doubt about that.”

When speaking of allies, Putin’s likely referring to Syria after the U.N. sounded another alarm over President Bashar al-Assad’s continued bombing of civilians. Russian-led forces frequently aid in these operations, and Putin’s sending a clear threat for the U.S. not to become further involved. And as if all of the above madness wasn’t enough, Putin showed off more concept video footage of how Russia’s new technology can send a nuke bobbing and weaving all over the globe to avoid existing missile defense systems. (Sleep tight tonight.)

(Via NBC News, Russia Today & Gizmodo)