The Nation Reacts To The Passing Of Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan Honored By Reagan Foundation In Washington
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As news of the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan continues to break, several notable personalities have begun to pay tribute via social media. Reagan is obviously a target for plenty of leading Conservative voices, especially those running for president:

Many in the media also signed on to pay their respects online, noting the positive side of her legacy and giving their thoughts to her family.

But many others also took the moment to highlight that nobody is perfect, even in death. And Nancy Regan clearly had some heft skeletons in her closet from her time as First Lady:

A mixed bag of reactions is certainly understandable, especially given the divisive nature of politics at this point. The thing to remember is that she certainly had an effect on the nation, separate from and alongside her husband. And also remember that nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to working in politics. Knowing all sides is better than being fed one side or the other.