Ronan Farrow: My Next Story Will Expose The ‘Machine’ That Helped Cover Up Harvey Weinstein’s Terrible Behavior

Ronan Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein has helped to open the flood gates of sorts against the disgraced movie mogul, giving his accusers a voice they might not have had before going public and giving others the courage to do the same against others in the industry. It has also filtered out of Hollywood into other industries, with more yet to come according to this insightful chat with Stephen Colbert. Not only does Farrow talk about how long he had been working on his eye-opening story, he hit on the reasons why NBC might’ve passed on it. While he didn’t want to make himself the story here, giving much praise to the women speaking out throughout the interview, he did remark about how there should be no delays in reporting damning information like those connected to Weinstein:

“Here’s what I would say on that; it’s very clear when you look at this story and how long it stayed quiet that it is of the utmost importance that any news organization that has damning evidence of ongoing criminal activity needs to run that, needs to investigate it and interrogate it and run it. And that’s what I’ll say about that.”

Farrow also added that his next story will focus on the “machine” that helped keep the stories about Weinstein quiet over the years:

“This machine that was so instrumental in keeping this quiet as long as it was quiet – I think there is much more to be said about just how far that went,”

Colbert did ask Farrow about his stance on allegations against Woody Allen and how it fit into the entire Weinstein report. While Farrow was quick to say that his past statements on Allen had no bearing on his reporting, noting that his Weinstein investigation was on assignment, he did learn plenty from the response to his Allen statements and how difficult it is for women to speak up to report sexual abuse. He even adds that he himself once tried to get his sister, Dylan Farrow, to keep quiet about Allen to avoid family disruptions, something he regrets now and feels people need to “get tougher” when such allegations are brought to light.

Farrow’s appearance on Colbert earned him some praise from Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento, mentioned during the chat due to her story in his report and what has happened to her after the fact.

(Via The Late Show)