Fox News’ Shep Smith Tears Apart The Nunes Memo For Lacking A Smoking Gun: ‘I Don’t See It’

So House Republicans finally dropped their big Devin Nunes classified memo on Friday, which turned out to be less of an M-80 and more of a cherry bomb, or maybe even like one of those snap-popper things you throw on the ground. Republican Sen. John McCain slammed the memo as “doing Putin’s job” for him, insisting that the Russia investigation need to continue without interference. Likewise, former FBI Director James Comey reacted with an underwhelming, “That’s it?”

Over on Fox News, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace were also decidedly unimpressed with the memo’s findings. “It’s a bombshell, it’s a smoking gun, look at it, it’s a disgrace what’s happening in this country, if you look at it you see it, it’s a disgrace,” Smith said, mocking those on the far-right who believes it proves FBI misconduct. Smith then threw his hands up in the air and said, “I don’t see it, I’ve looked at it, I’ve seen it, I don’t see it.”

Turning his attention to Wallace he asked, “Do you see it?”

Spoiler alert, Wallace also does not see it. “I wouldn’t say it’s worse than Watergate, as some people have said, and I wouldn’t say it’s nothing as some people have said,” Wallace observed. “It’s interesting, there’s some troubling information in it, let’s get the rest of this story.”

In conclusion, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace do not see it.