Donald Trump’s Brexit Tweet Perfectly Illustrates His Level Of Foreign Policy Expertise

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Donald Trump just happens to be in Scotland right now, which gives him the opportunity to relate to a current event, and this is a doozy. The early-morning Brexit results saw enormous fallout that will spawn the messiest divorce of all time. Everyone has an opinion on the United Kingdom choosing to pull out of the European Union, and Donald Trump’s thoughts are some of the loudest of all. Many people looked forward to hearing Trump’s thoughts on the subject because the man is entertaining. Perhaps some people were genuinely interested in his perspective. He does have fans.

Sadly for the presumptive Republican nominee, he revealed a few weeks ago that he had no understanding of Brexit while the issue was a pending referendum. His foreign-policy expertise on the matter hasn’t increased, from the looks of this tweet.

Trump believes that Scotland voted to leave the European Union when all 32 authorities within the country actually voted to remain. There’s also a good chance that Scotland may renew its 2014 motion to leave the U.K. and rejoin the E.U. all by its lonesome. Naturally, Twitter was quick to inform Trump of his error, and Lily Allen hopped in line first.

Trump didn’t appear to notice the commotion and continued to merrily tweet. He’s looking forward to a presidential relationship with England now that David Cameron is gone. Those two didn’t tolerate each other, but if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister, they could be fast friends.