Donald Trump’s Butler Says Some Awfully Dumb Things About President Obama

A few months ago, Donald Trump coasted away from a victorious Super Tuesday and looked forward to more primary victories. To lend some insight into the man behind the bombastic behavior, Trump trucked out his butler, Anthony Senecal. He became the subject of a New York Times profile that taught us many absurd tidbits about the man who’d become the presumptive Republican nominee. Senecal holds six decades at the Floridian Mar-a-Logo estate under his belt with half that time under Trump’s watch. The butler happily gossiped about the real estate mogul’s wives and hairstyling habits.

One particular detail stood out, which is that Senecal tried to retire in 2009, but his boss wouldn’t let him go. As a consolation prize (for having to work forever), Trump changed Senecal’s title to “historian” although Senecal’s professional life has pretty much continued as always. Why would anyone agree to this madness after clearly expressing the desire to move on and enjoy life? Apparently, these two have something in common — they both let unsavory things fly out of their mouths. In Senecal’s case, he’s been posting and deleting rants to his Facebook page, and David Corn of Mother Jones screencapped some real winners, starting with this entry where he wishes death upon President Obama:

Just a short note to you on our pus headed “president” !!!! This character who I refer to as zero (0) should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term !!!!! Instead he still remains in office doing every thing he can to gut the America we all know and love !!!!! Now comes Donald J Trump to put an end to the corruption in government !!!! The so called elite, who are nothing but common dog turds from your front lawn are shaking in their boots because there is a new Sheriff coming to town, and the end to their corruption of the American people (YOU) is at hand !!!! I cannot believe that a common murder is even allowed to run (killery clinton) OR that a commie like bernie is a also allowed to also run !!!!

Senecal deleted this Facebook post, but here’s the visual evidence.

Most of Senecal’s other Facebook postings reveal him to be the ultimate Trump superfan, and although he deleted this death wish, he confirmed to Corn that the entry is authentic. This man’s exclamation-point addiction is real, and his dislike of all things non-Trump borders upon disturbing. Mother Jones collected other examples of terrible things Senecal has posted, and the birther-butler told the site that he “cannot stand” Obama, who he says is “a fraudulent piece of crap that was brought in by the Democrats.” Well, Trump was a big birther too, so these two must have plenty to discuss when they hang together.

(Via Mother Jones)