A United Airlines Flight Was Diverted When A Passenger Began ‘Smearing Feces Everywhere’


Following an eventful 2017 chock full of violently assaulted passengers and prize-winning rabbit deaths, United Airlines is off to a great start in 2018 with reports of a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong that was diverted to Alaska on Thursday. According to Anchorage’s CBS affiliate KTVA, United Airlines flight 895 made an emergency landing at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport after an unidentified individual made a mess of the airplane’s bathroom and began taunting the other passengers. Chief among the suspect’s many exploits was “smearing feces everywhere,” according to airport police.

Per KTVA’s report:

Airport Police say the adult male smeared the excrement within a couple of bathrooms, took off his shirt and attempted to stuff it in the toilet. He was cooperative with the flight crew and was seated when the flight landed in Anchorage.

Passenger Tricia Mason said the subject was, “shaking the seats all around him… [and] pouring soda and water on the floor and on laptops.”

The unruly passenger was met by airport police and FBI agents when the plane landed in Anchorage and interviewed by both. He was then taken to the nearby Providence Hospital for a “psych evaluation” to determine his mental state. Meanwhile, authorities investigating the matter revealed the suspect “was released from jail in Evansville, Indiana, two days prior to the incident on board flight 895,” but still would not reveal his identity to the press. KTVA also learned the passenger, aged 21 to 22, was given “a one-way ticket to Vietnam [by his family] to live with other family members.”

(Via KTVA)