2024 NBA Draft Order: The Hawks Pick First, Six Teams Have Multiple First Rounders

The 2024 NBA Draft order is finally set after the Draft Lottery on Sunday afternoon saw three teams jump up into the top-4, headlined by the Atlanta Hawks landing the No. 1 overall pick despite having just a three percent chance coming in.

While the 2024 Draft isn’t particularly strong at the top, there is still talent to be had and teams will have to put in the leg work to make sure they’re finding the right talent and fit in the first round. A number of teams will get multiple cracks at a first round selection on Wednesday, June 26, with the Wizards (2 and 26), Spurs (4 and 8), Blazers (7 and 14), Jazz (10 and 29), Pelicans (17 and 21), and Knicks (24 and 25) all having a pair of first round picks at their disposal.

The second round, which is now on a separate day — Thursday, June 27 — will only have 28 selections after Philadelphia and Phoenix forfeited their second round picks due to tampering violations.

2024 NBA Draft Order

First Round
1. Atlanta Hawks
2. Washington Wizards
3. Houston Rockets (via Brooklyn)
4. San Antonio Spurs
5. Detroit Pistons
6. Charlotte Hornets
7. Portland Trail Blazers
8. San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto)
9. Memphis Grizzlies
10. Utah Jazz
11. Chicago Bulls
12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston)
13. Sacramento Kings
14. Portland Trail Blazers (via Golden State)
15. Miami Heat
16. Philadelphia 76ers
17. New Orleans Pelicans (via Los Angeles Lakers)
18. Orlando Magic
19. Toronto Raptors (via Indiana)
20. Cleveland Cavaliers
21. New Orleans Pelicans (via Milwaukee)
22. Phoenix Suns
23. Milwaukee Bucks (via New Orleans)
24. New York Knicks (via Dallas)
25. New York Knicks
26. Washington Wizards (via LA Clippers)
27. Minnesota Timberwolves
28. Denver Nuggets
29. Utah Jazz (via Oklahoma City)
30. Boston Celtics

Second Round
31. Toronto Raptors (via Detroit)
32. Utah Jazz (via Washington)
33. Milwaukee Bucks (via Portland)
34. Portland Trail Blazers (via Charlotte)
35. San Antonio Spurs
36. Indiana Pacers (via Toronto)
37. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Memphis)
38. New York Knicks (via Utah)
39. Memphis Grizzlies(via Brooklyn)
40. Portland Trail Blazers (via Atlanta)
41. Philadelphia 76ers (via Chicago)
42. Charlotte Hornets (via Houston)
43. Miami Heat
44. Houston Rockets (via Golden State)
45. Sacramento Kings
46. Los Angeles Clippers (via Indiana)
47. Orlando Magic
48. San Antonio Spurs (via Los Angeles Lakers)
49. Indiana Pacers (via Cleveland)
50. Indiana Pacers (via New Orleans)
51. Washington Wizards (via Phoenix)
52. Golden State Warriors (via Milwaukee)
53. Detroit Pistons (via New York)
54. Boston Celtics (via Dallas)
55. Los Angeles Lakers (via LA Clippers)
56. Denver Nuggets (via Minnesota)
57. Memphis Grizzlies (via Oklahoma City)
58. Boston Celtics (to Dallas via Charlotte)