A Bunch Of NBA Players And Also Adam Sandler Got In An Offseason Pickup Game

Adam Sandler likes basketball a whole heck of a lot. We have evidence of this in a few of his movies — Uncut Gems, for instance, revolves around Sandler’s character betting on basketball because of a black opal he gives to Kevin Garnett — but we have exponentially more evidence from Sandler’s seemingly daily games of pickup basketball. Clips of Sandler randomly rolling up to pickup games, oftentimes dressed like someone who didn’t expect to be playing pickup basketball when they left the house, pop up all the time, and as it turns out, the man famous for playing Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, respectively, can hoop.

The latest example of this involves a bunch of dudes who are far better than the average pickup hooper. A video made its way around the Twitterverse of Sandler playing with a number of NBA players, including Trae Young, Tobias Harris, and Boban Marjanovic. He looked very happy and, at one point, canned a jumper off of an assist from Young.

I have no idea who the MVP of this game was but I demand that whomever got that honor is gifted that Adam Sandler pickup basketball god t-shirt that James Caan’s assistant wore last month.