Adidas Released A Ric Flair Colorway Of The Dame 7

Damian Lillard’s love of professional wrestling is not a secret. He dressed as Stone Cold Steve Austin for Halloween a couple years ago, wearing a rubber Stone Cold mask, jeans, and an Austin 3:16 shirt with a championship belt, swaggering in as only the Texas Rattlesnake can.

He also released a Stone Cold Steve Austin colorway of his signature sneaker, the adidas Dame 6, back in January with “Dame 3:16” written along the midsole. With his newest sneaker the Dame 7 out now, he and adidas are going back to the wrestling well for a colorway inspiration, but this time taking the details just a bit further with their Ric Flair inspired blue colorway. The sneakers feature a silhouette of Flair’s face on the left tongue (with Lillard’s logo on the right) and are a sharp, royal blue paying tribute to one of Flair’s iconic ring entrance robes that come complete with faux gator skin, because you’re gonna have a hard time holding these gators down.

They are really well done in that they hit a lot of details to make clear who the colorway is inspired by without getting cluttered or heavy-handed with too many things going on. The faux gator skin is a great touch and the silhouette of a young Flair is spectacular and I kind of wish that was on both shoes. The little nods like the “Wooooo” by the back of the heel and “Nature Boy” by the front on the inside aren’t too obtrusive and are well done as well. The Flair edition Dame 7s are available now for $110.