adidas TS Lightning Creator Yin Yang x Rahn Johnson

07.28.09 9 years ago 3 Comments


I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Asia. Between the rich, ancient history, the unique cuisine and the chance to see Ron Artest perform live, I think I’d have a good time. Now thanks to my man Rahn Johnson I now have another reason to call my travel agent and book a flight. Feast your eyes on the Asia only exclusive adidas TS Lightning Creator Yin Yang x Rahn Johnson. Rahn took the already rugged TS Lightning Creator silhouette and added some very unique flavor.

The shoe was based on the Yin Yang but Rahn’s inspiration can best be described in his own words.

“My Inspiration: The concept of Yin Yang is represented by the duality of seasons. Using elements of rain (Yin) and the Sun (Yang) I wanted to contrast two opposing yet complementary aspects of nature. The presence of the snake(skin) is from the Chinese Zodiac. Characteristics of the snake is mystic, wise, graceful, calm and creative. The metallic and cool-grey elements give the shoe it’s stealth appearance. The bright Emerald-green represents the Chinese “Imperial gem” Jade, which was once considered more valuable than Silver and Gold. Throughout several dynasties Jade was used to craft decorative objects hence emulated by the translucent outer sole.”

Having already dropped overseas, these are definitely something to keep your eye out for if you happen to live in Asia. For more pics of these and other shoes Rahn Johnson has designed for adidas (including some crazy joints Jason Kapono wore in the ’08 three-point contest) be sure to hit up his blog.



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