Adrian Wojnarowski Dunked On A St. Louis Fan After His Alma Mater St. Bonaventure Thrashed Them In The A-10 Tournament

One of the best mid-major programs in college basketball this season has been the mighty Bonnies of St. Bonaventure. The team sits at 15-4 on the season and are No. 27 in KenPom, which bodes pretty well for them once Selection Sunday rolls around if they are not able to win the Atlantic 10 conference tournament.

The thing with this Bonnies program, though, is that they are really good, and should end up being the favorites in next Sunday’s conference title game. They punched their ticket to that on Saturday with a 71-53 thrashing of St. Louis, and in response, St. Bonaventure’s most famous alumnus had some fun on Twitter.

As anyone who has his push notifications on for tweets about trades and free agency, Adrian Wojnarowski loves his alma mater. Following their win over the Billikens, Woj was in a celebratory mood.

And then, the following quote came out from St. Louis coach Travis Ford.

Quick context: St. Bonaventure, as the conference’s 1-seed, played its quarterfinal game at the Siegel Center in Richmond, Va., while St. Louis played its quarterfinal tilt at the Robins Center in Dayton, Ohio. Immediately after that, the Billikens had to get to Virginia for a game the following day at the Siegel Center, and they did not have the horses to keep up with the Bonnies.

Woj, however, was not hearing this, and shot back at Ford, sarcastically raising a (correct!) point that St. Bonaventure isn’t exactly a hoops hotbed.

A St. Louis fan named Justin then decided to talk junk after his team just got rinsed to the most famous NBA reporter in the world. He made an incredibly off-color remark about NBA players, so Woj went off.

After Justin decided to say he has “a job that actually matters” to a person that he follows on Twitter, Woj had some more fun.

St. Bonaventure will either place VCU or Davidson in the A-10 finals, so if you’re an alum of either school, be warned that Woj does not play around.