Allen Iverson Wants to Play Where??

07.02.09 10 years ago 44 Comments

This hurts my heart. Here I am, sitting here in my office every day like a sucker, hoping that at some point I’m eventually going to see breaking news that tells me that the Sixers have figured out a way (peace, Andre Miller) to sign Allen Iverson so that he can finish his career in Philly while he still has something left.

And then I come across this:

Several NBA sources have confirmed to me that controversial and wildly popular guard Allen Iverson – through representatives – has made the Grizzlies aware that he would like to play in Memphis.

The veteran, prolific scorer is a free agent for the first time in his professional career. While no deal is imminent and conversations have been only cursory, Griz brass are said to be internally weighing the pros and cons of possibly adding Iverson to the team’s youth movement.

Iverson would certainly have to take a major pay cut from the $21 million he earned last season with Detroit. The Griz would only entertain Iverson with what they’d deem a reasonable price, and if the 34-year-old agreed to play off the bench.

Ugh. The Sixers are going to stink for the next few years – honestly, the very, very best they can probably hope to do is finish fourth in the East. And as long as LeBron and Dwight are still in the East, there’s pretty much zero chance of them ever seeing the Finals. Give Philly fans some sort of basketball enjoyment watching Allen do his thing in a Sixers uni instead of just fading away in some place like Memphis. Yes, I’m serious.

Just bring Allen home, please.

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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