(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 1/20/2009

01.20.09 10 years ago

First off, an (Almost) Fantasy Doctor column State of the Union. Let’s keep the comments to fantasy specific. Yesterday there were over 65 comments and many of them weren’t about fantasy. If we keep it to fantasy I can sort through and answer as many questions as possible. Right then. To the players…

Josh Howard – I actually saw that he was going to play at about 12:30. The problem is, fantasy lineups lock one hour before the first game time. It double stinks because Howard plays 4 games this week and 2 games next week. He looked a little rusty yesterday but he did have 4 steals and played over 30 minutes. He’s good to go.

Brian Skinner and DeAndre Jordan – Normally, 8 and 8 wouldn’t be a bad spot line from Brian Skinner except that the Camby shine ended up going to DeAndre Jordon. Jordan went bananas with 6 block shots (he also had 10 boards and 8 points). Someone is going to pick up Jordan today. Someone will also cut him within a week. Camby looks like he’ll be out 7 to 10 days but I can see that time frame getting extended. This is Marcus Camby we’re talking about.

Charlie Villanueva – All of a sudden Villanueva is a great consistent offensive force? I seriously doubt it. We all know he has this type of skill and ability, but even though Villanueva is averaging about 16 and 6 over his last 5, he has done it every other game (including 23 and 10 last night). He should be owned, but I’m sure glad he isn’t by me.

Greg Oden – The Oden show was on last night. 24 points, 15 boards, and 2 blocks. He’s capable of these nights. Owners have to be patient but keep in mind, he might not really put it all together consistently until next year.

Jerryd Bayless – Disappointing showing from Bayless last night. 14 minutes and 4 fouls isn’t going to get the stats done in this league.

Mike Conley – Look who’s back? Conley got the start yesterday and played decently going for 10 points, 5 dimes, and 3 boards. Whether or not he’s being showcased for a trade, he’s actually played pretty well in two straight games. He’s also played about 30 minutes in both games. Keep an eye on the situation.

Danilo Gallinari –
The Danilo watch is on. That’s two games he’s played legit and important minutes for the Knicks and two games where he has shown potential for value. Last night he had 9 points, 4 boards, 2 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block and looked pretty confident. The situation will develop quickly so if you have an easy drop spot now and are in a pretty deep league, you might want to grab him.

Von Wafer – The kid can score. He had another 18 points last night. He has about a week left until Ron Artest and T-Mac come back so he might not help you unless you started him this week.

Raja Bell – Bell has quickly become a Larry Brown favorite and although his scoring is going to be inconsistent (25 last night on 11-11 from the line), Bell is a nice roto contributor and a pretty solid option as a spot starter or bench guy.

The Bulls – Maddening. Del Negro started Joakim Noah last night and he went off for 18 boards and 3 blocks! Ty Thomas had 19, 10 and 3! Kirk Hinrich is all of a sudden getting 30ish minutes and playing pretty well. I would literally stay away from all of them but someone is your league is going to pick up and probably at some point play all three of these guys. Hinrich is somewhat worth watching just because he’s been there before and Rose has hit a little bit of a rookie wall.

JR Smith – Speaking of maddening, Smith is on the every other night Villanueva express bus. Smith went off last night for 5 threes and 24 points and is playing an average of 35 minutes over his last five games.

Elton Brand – The ideal situation was that Brand would play limited minutes yesterday and Saturday and be good to go for next week. Now it looks like he’ll play for the first time on Saturday and only have one game to get the rust off. Meaning he’ll probably play some limited minutes next week as well.

Matt Carroll – I’m assuming that the Mavs are just bringing up to speed with the offense and his minutes will go up. Carroll played only 3 minutes yesterday though so don’t run out and grab him right now.

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