(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 2/2/09

02.02.09 9 years ago 23 Comments

Al Jefferson

Last night’s fantasy MVP goes to big Al Jefferson. Jefferson has been overlooked a little but this season but has been playing incredible fantasy ball of late. Yesterday he had 34 points, 11 boards, and 4 blocks against his former squad. He also shot over 70% from the field and 80% from the line. It’s lineup Monday and there is a lot to concern ourselves with as we make our final decisions before game time.

Andrew Bynum – We’ll know more today. Rumors are already running from a tear (peace season) to a sprain (4-6 weeks). As soon we know, you’ll know. Like I said over the weekend, Lamar Odom was probably dropped in some leagues throughout this season. He should be owned in all leagues right now.

Shawn Marion – It sounds like Marion is going to play basketball this week. I have a suspicious feeling that he’s going to play very well for the next few weeks. The Matrix and Miami need to prove he has real trade value right now. Miami has four games this week so it might not be a bad risk start.

Milwaukee – They are the only team that plays two games this week. Honestly, there is nobody on the Bucks that you should start this week.

Beno Udrih – You know why you shouldn’t cut Beno Udrih? Even though Beno has been a HUGE disappointment this season, the Kings really don’t have another point guard option. I know they put up a lot of points and Francisco Garcia had a terrific game, but neither Garcia, Bobby Jackson, Bobby Brown, nor Salmons are the answer at point guard.

Francisco Garcia – So what about Garcia. He had 17 points, 7 dimes, 5 boards, 3 steals and 3 blocks last night. I’ve never been a big fan of Garcia as a fantasy player and he’s been extremely streaky. He’s a questionable own in 12 team leagues (he’s a free agent in mine) and a good own in 14 team leagues and above. He had just had 3 straight single digit performances but before that had 8 straight double digit games. Last night may earn him some more point guard duties as well. He’s intriguing.

Russell Westbrook – I continue to be wrong about Westbrook. He’s getting better and better and although I thought it would take until the end of this season or next year for him to really make his fantasy impact, he’s doing it night in and night out. Last night he had 34 points, 8 dimes, and 6 boards, but most impressive went 20-22 from the line. Very impressive.

Jeff Green – He still doesn’t go to the line enough but Jeff Green has been a breakout fantasy star. Last night, including bonus OT stats (I love bonus stats) Green went for 28, 13, 5, and 3. Stick any statistical category at the end of those numbers and the kid had a very nice night.

Nick Collison –
The Thunder are one of the more interesting fantasy squads out there. They are putting up stats and that includes Collison. Collison had 10 points and 14 boards last night and is giving very solid rebounding numbers right now.

Al Horford – He’s very close to returning but we aren’t going to know tonight. He should be back this week but whether he gets in two or three games is a question mark. He isn’t an awful risk start this week.

Kevin Garnett – I’d probably risk starting him. The flu? KG? Come on. That isn’t keeping KG down two games in a row right?

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