(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 2-11-09

02.11.09 10 years ago 15 Comments
Captain Jack goes off again.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll release the first half Fantasy All Star team, steals, and busts, as well as what to look for in the second half. As for today, I’m going with Stephen Jackson as the MVP of the night over LeBron (sorry King, but you did have 7 turnovers!). Captain Jack has been playing terrific basketball and last night was no different. Jackson finished with 35 points, including 4 threes, 10 assists, 6 boards, 2 steals, and zero turnovers. He also shot 45% from the field (a nice number for him) and was perfect from the line. He’s having an absurd month and seems like he is close to a double-double every night. I’ve said this before, trade high. Put it out there and see how high his value is right now. Some quick hits for your Wednesday…

Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah – The second half is going to tell us a lot about Noah and Thomas but for right now both guys are playing great ball. Thomas went for 23 points, 10 boards, 3 steals. 3 assists, and 1 block (come Tyrus!) while Noah went for 12 and 16! Speaking of moveable parts, the Bulls have a ton of them. Let’s see what they do at the deadline.

Chris Duhon – Duhon entered the Knicks game gimpy and left the game in the third injured. He still put up 13 and 9. Duhon needs the All Star break badly.

Ronny Turiaf – That’s more like it. 10 points, 8 boards, 5 assists, and 4 blocks.

Joey Graham – With no Chris Bosh, Graham went for 24 points, 6 boards, and 3 blocks last night. He’s actually been playing pretty well for the Raptors. He doesn’t have fantasy value yet but the Raptors have a lot of moving pieces so let’s see what they do at the trade deadline.

Erick Dampier – I mean that is 26 rebounds and 5 blocks in his last two games. This is still Erick Dampier though. It would take desperate measures.

Lamar Odom – Another 18 rebounds? Odom owners are ecstatic right now. Dare I say… giddy?

Yi Jianlian – Yi is supposedly a week or two away from returning from his broken pinkie injury. Yi was playing his best ball right before he got hurt so keep an eye on the situation for immediately after the All Star break.

Chris Kaman – Did you run out to grab him? The LA Times reported that Kaman might need a little longer to get back to the lineup. Always injury prone, even when Kaman does get back there is no telling if it will be for good. Still, if you have the open spot, grab him.

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