(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 2/8/2009

02.08.09 10 years ago 18 Comments

Ramon Sessions, Ramon Sessions, Ramon Sessions. I mentioned when Redd and Rid went down that Sessions was about to have a field day but 44 and 12??? Wow. If it weren’t for Al Jefferson’s nutty night of 36 and 22, and Dirk’s 44, 9 boards and 3 blocks, Sessions would have been the clear cut MVP of the night. He’ll have to share it with Dirk and Al though. A couple quick hits for your Sunday.

Charlie Villanueva – The Bucks have no other option so it’s all about Charlie V’s commitment. If it’s there you get nights like this – 33 points, 7 boards, 4 dimes. Start him on the regular until he lets you down.

J.J. Barea – Jason Terry broke his finger and is going to be sidelined for a little while. J.J. Should immediately jump in as the team’s 6th man spark (20 and 6 last night) but keep an eye on Matt Carroll. The did trade for him for a reason right?

Adam Morrison – I really like the fit on the Lakers. I’m not saying he’s going to have immediate fantasy value but it’s worth watching. There should be plenty of open shots for him to knock down and I can see the Phil/Morrison relationship working. Vlad shouldn’t have any additional value on the Bobcats.

Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace –
Don’t look now but Rip and Rasheed are playing pretty good ball right now. Rip dropped 38 and even though his minutes are down he’s starting to put up real numbers off the bench. Sheed hit an absurd 7 threes last night.

Ricky Davis – Ricky Buckets is all of sudden playing some basketball. He’s not an immediate pick up but he followed up a 20+ night with 4 threes the next (though he finished with 12 points). Worth a look in deep leagues. Can I just add one note? Was there any doubt that at some point in Ricky Davis’ career he was going to end up on the Clippers?

Ryan Anderson – Have a sleeper pick up for your Sunday brunch. Anderson has played 30+ in three straight and scored in double digits in all three of those games. He had 13 and 12 last night.

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