Amar’e, T-Mac, Beasley all tied to Memphis trade rumors

06.28.09 10 years ago 26 Comments

If you were running the Grizzlies, what would it have taken for you to give up the #2 pick in last Thursday’s draft? In other words, just how valuable is Hasheem Thabeet? According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the team fielded a ton of offers on draft night, some of them involving All-Star and borderline Hall of Fame talent. Phoenix proposed a deal that would have sent Amar’e Stoudemire to Memphis for the #2 pick and Rudy Gay; Houston offered a package that included T-Mac, but they also wanted Rudy (remember the Rockets could have had Rudy Gay three years ago, but they gave him up for Shane Battier, which seemed crazy at the time but nobody would question after this year’s playoffs); Boston offered Kendrick Perkins; Charlotte put up Emeka Okafor and Nazr Mohammed; Dallas discussed Josh Howard; and Miami offered Michael Beasley … One deal that was actually agreed upon for a minute before L.A.’s owner vetoed it had Zach Randolph going to Memphis for the pick, Darko and Greg Buckner. We know Dime’s in-house Z-Bo lobbyist would have approved the Zach trade, and the Amar’e idea is intriguing, but the Beasley trade would have been the best play if you ask us. People are sleeping on how good B-Easy will be; by the end of this season he was putting in major work for Miami. There’s a lot to like about a young core unit of Gay, O.J. Mayo and Beasley, plus the chances of Beasley becoming the next Antawn Jamison are greater than that of Thabeet becoming the next Marcus Camby … You also have to wonder if all of those teams looking to move up were trying to get Ricky Rubio, or how many wanted James Harden or Thabeet or somebody else … The Pistons and Nets have been pegged as the teams most interested in Carlos Boozer’s once he hits the free agent market, but Nets GM Rod Thorn recently told reporters he’s “not going to be signing a guy [for] 10, 12 million dollars a year.” And coming off Thorn’s other statement about Yi Jianlian being NJ’s starting power forward, it sounds like Boozer isn’t going there. What could they pay to get Paul Millsap, though? … The Magic are also looking for a (true) power forward, with Rasheed Wallace high on their wish list. ‘Sheed fits right into the three-happy system, but he can also slide down and help Dwight Howard guard the paint. He would also allow Rashard Lewis to move back to small forward, where he creates a lot of matchup problems. And all of this falls under the assumption that Hedo Turkoglu — who wants $10 million a year — is gone. But still, a lineup of Jameer-Vince-Rashard-Rasheed-Dwight can easily make it back to the Finals … The morning after the draft we posted the list of college standouts who didn’t hear their phone ring. Some of them are already landing summer-league roster spots: Dionte Christmas is naturally getting a look with the Sixers, Ben Woodside is getting his shot with the Wolves, and Paul Harris is deciding between the Cavs, Bulls and Wolves … We’re out like more Minnesota point guards …

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