Your Amazon Alexa Knows Some Hilarious Jokes About The Cavaliers And Warriors

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Everyone is stepping their game up for the NBA Finals, even your smart home personal assistant. Amazon’s Alexa can now tell you some jokes about the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, and they’re actually not that bad.

Videos of Alexa cracking basketball jokes surfaced after the Warriors blew Cleveland out in Game 1 on Thursday. The jokes are actually a new feature added to Alexa just in time for the NBA Finals. An Alexa owner tried it by asking Alexa for “burns” about each team, and Alexa obliged.

“Why is Kyrie Irving missing his jumpers?” Alexa asks. “Because he believes his shot is flat.”

Really didn’t think we’d be living in a world where a robot is making Flat Earth Theory jokes about an NBA star, but I also didn’t think Kyrie Irving would actually believe the Earth is flat, so here we are.

Here’s another joke about Steph Curry and the Warriors adding Kevin Durant last summer.

“What did Steph Curry learn in grade school? If at first you don’t succeed, stack your team, and try try again.”

A bit less dad-jokey than the “Cavalier” joke in the video, but it’s not a bad burn if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied during the long breaks in the Finals schedule.

(Via For the Win)