Andre Drummond’s Diet Has Him Drink One Beer Per Day To Reach His Calorie Count

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At 279 lbs., Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond is the third-heaviest player in the NBA behind rookie Zion Williamson and Drummond’s former teammate Boban Marjanovic. His size allows him to be one of the most dominant rebounders the league has ever seen, but it’s not easy to maintain the necessary conditioning for the weight he’s at.

It’s for that reason Drummond has shifted to a strict diet this offseason, but unlike most diets, Drummond’s calls for him to drink beer every day, the 25-year-old center recently told Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

The Detroit Pistons center said recently he has eliminated red meat from his diet mainly consisting of fish and vegetables.

To ensure the necessary caloric intake, he drinks a beer per day.

According to Ellis, Drummond prefers Miller Lite, though he also enjoys Corona.

Are there other ways to get to the number of calories Drummond needs to consume in a day? Probably, but who are we to question a diet that requires one beer per day? If anything, this is a breakthrough in professional sports and Drummond is the pioneer.

In all seriousness, Drummond seems to have found a happy balance between eating right and treating himself (all in the name of hitting the needed caloric intake for how much he’s working out), which is the ideal scenario when dieting. While that alone might not be enough to get the Detroit Pistons off the treadmill of basketball mediocrity, it certainly doesn’t hurt that their star center seems to be committed to being in top shape for the upcoming season. Pistons fans will surely drink to that.