Lakers Guard Andre Ingram’s NBA Debut May Have Been The Best Story Of The Season

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If you knew the name Andre Ingram before he joined the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week, it was probably for one of two reasons. Either you’re a big fan of the G League and its record book, as Ingram holds the league record for the most made three-point field goals in a career (713), or you’re one of the middle or high school math students he tutors.

Ingram graduated from American University in 2007 and has spent his entire basketball career in the G League, save for the cup of coffee he had with the Perth Wildcats of the National Basketball League in 2016. He’s a 6’3, deadeye shooter who has won the then-D-League three-point shooting contest twice.

But Ingram never got the call to make it to the NBA. That changed on Monday, when the Los Angeles Lakers decided to give him a ring and sign him for the remainder of the year. Ingram made his NBA career on Tuesday during Los Angeles’ 105-99 loss to Houston, but the score was second to the fact that he lit Staples Center ablaze.

Ingram went for 19 points in 29 minutes, the second-highest scoring output of the evening for the Lakers. He connected on six of his eight field goal attempts, including a 4-for-5 clip from behind the arc. Listen to how the place exploded when Ingram’s funky release connected for his first triple on the night.

The second verse was the same as the first, as Ingram let it fly, got nothing but the bottom of the net, and received a raucous ovation from the crowd at Staples Center.

Ingram made his way to the free throw line in the second quarter and actually got “MVP” chants from the crowd.

At one point, Ingram even pulled up from off the bounce and got fouled. Please watch this clip and pay special attention to the Lakers’ bench, particularly Julius Randle, who is smiling from ear-to-ear.

The best moment of the night might have not even included what Ingram did on the floor. Instead, it was this interview that his wife, Marilee, did during the game, who was understandably emotional while she was discussing the craziness that was the past few days.

Ingram ended up canning his final triple in what was a really close game. It ended up being the final bucket of the night for the Lakers, but it was still awesome watching him connect from distance.

After the game came to an end, Ingram received praise from around the NBA universe — including some love from Kobe Bryant — and received an especially kind word on how he persevered to get to this point from his head coach. Oh, and as you can guess, he was given the game ball.

Ingram’s story is almost too good to be true, but it’s still awesome watching as he got his chance to show what he can do at the game’s highest level after all this time and made the best of it. If you missed out on watching him play on Tuesday, no worries: The Lakers close out their season on Wednesday night against the Clippers.